Bring your aquascape to the next level with our Texas driftwood. We have a variety of sizes and shapes available to fit any layout!

*Photos are examples only - not actual pieces sent. Please leave a note with the size of your tank and desired look and we can find a piece to suit your needs!*

Driftwood floats naturally, so pre-soak, boil, or secure under a rock to keep it in place until saturated. It will also release tannins and stain aquarium water temporarily. A few water changes, use of a filtration resin, pre-soaking, or boiling is recommended if you do not want this effect.

XS - Under 6"
S- 7"-10"
S-M 10"-12"
M 13"-18"
M-L 16"-20"
L 20"-28"
XL 28"-38"
XXL 40"-58"
JUMBO 60"+
SHOW Large premium pieces

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