Custom Aquariums

Custom Aquariums

You can trust that Fish Gallery has many years of experience when it comes to custom aquarium manufacturing processes including form design specifics, size, shape and system integration, as well as special requirements such as strength, durability, and affordability. Custom aquariums encompass a wide range of application from built-in room dividers to centerpiece aquariums viewable from 360 degrees. The possibilities are virtually limitless. We will share with you our many years of experience, as we guide your project through the process from inception to completion with maximum efficiency.

Fish Gallery creates exhibit grade aquariums both in-house and on-site to accommodate a wide range of installation parameters. This capability frees us from the design limitations of national manufacturers pre-engineered, mass-produced catalogue of sizes and shapes and allows us to turn your specific dream into a reality. We also offer custom designed aquascape inserts, which are manufactured to represent a specific ecosystem of your choice. This can be anything from a South American river habitat to a Pacific Ocean coral reef. Browse our portfolio here and let your imagination decide what type of ecosystem we can create for you.

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Custom Aquariums


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