Saltwater to Freshwater Conversions (OLD)

We at Fish Gallery know owning a Saltwater aquarium can be challenging, which is why we offer a successful solution for your existing aquarium. Fish Gallery can convert your aquarium into a beautiful, colorful, stress-free freshwater work of art! Freshwater aquariums require less frequent service and lower maintenance and electricity costs. We can provide fish from around the world that come in a variety of colors. Our showrooms have many examples of fish and décor to help you visualize all of the possibilities! 

For a quote and to set up an appointment, please contact us or call your nearest location. To ensure our promptest service, please provide the type and size of your aquarium, pictures of the setup including pictures of the filtration, and any other details concerning the aquarium and the filtration system. From there we can provide you with examples, ideas, and costs.