Service & Maintenance

"Vivid color" "Inspiring size" "Impressive variety" These are all comments often used to describe our aquariums by customers who now know the enjoyment of a well-designed aquarium.

Skillfull Staff

To create a compelling system for you, our knowledgeable service representatives meet with you to grasp a full understanding of your interests and needs. All of our service representatives are well trained to handle any aquarium situation; in addition they are also insured and bonded. The representative will recommend an aquarium design, which could be custom made or prefabricated. Next, they determine the interior aquascaping (driftwood, gravel, plants, and rocks) along with the equipment and livestock needed for the aquarium to thrive. Finally, Fish Gallery delivers and installs the aquarium to your location.

Maintenance Program

Year after year, hundreds of customers trust us to perform the monthly upkeep on their aquarium. Why? They know the freedom and security of leaving it to the professionals. We can easily start our freshwater maintenance program following installation, which includes one or two scheduled visits per month. Fish Gallery can also provide maintenance service on a no-contract, will-call basis. Our service and maintenance plan provides you with great value and less stress. As we say, "All you do is feed the fish!"

Listed below are some of the services we provide:

  • Water change (30-75% depending on tank conditions)
  • Water testing for chemical balance
  • Cleaning service including algae removal, filtration system cleaning and carbon change, light fixture and hood cleaning
  • Premium diet flake food refills
  • Two week guarantee on livestock purchased at Fish Gallery
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service*
  • Full time staff availability: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 12pm to 5pm

Service Staff

If you need any assistance regarding our service and maintenance plans, contact your local service manager. If you need emergency service, please call 713-788-3589.

Services available in these areas:

Billy Huwar
Contact Phone: 512-381-0158
Erick Catalan
Contact Phone: 214-373-3474
Simon Palafox
Contact Phone: 713-523-3474
The Woodlands
Armando Castro
Contact Phone: 713-524-0173
Sean Miley
Contact Phone: 720-445-2825
Greg Carr
Contact Phone: 954-995-1019
Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio
Frank Garza
Contact Phone: 956-266-6178
Contact Phone: 1-800-303-9615

*$149 fee may apply