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Woodlands Saltwater & Plants Arrivals!

Woodlands Saltwater & Plants Arrivals!


Emerald Crabs

Ritteri Anemone

Purple Long Tentacle Anemone

Yellow Chrysus Wrasse

Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse

Blue Spotted Cowfish

Blue Throat Trigger

Sickle Trigger

Scopas Tang

Sailfin Tang

Powder Brown Tang

Tomini Tang

Mimic Tang

Dogface Puffer

Antennata Lionfish

Engineer goby

Green Warpaint Goby

Diamond Goby

Wheelers Watchman Goby

Snowflake Eel

Mandarin Goby

Neon Dottyback

striped dottyback

Domino Damsel

Copperbanded Butterfly

Yellow Longnose Butterfly

Pakistani Butterfly

Lawnmower Blenny

Pictus Blenny

Forktail Blenny

Gold Midas Blenny

Flametail Blenny

Bicolor Blenny

Lava Basslet

Red Lyretail Male Anthias

Orange Lyretail Female Anthias

Geometric Pygmy Hawk

Yellow Cream Tail Angel

Passer Angelfish

Koran Angel

Half Black Angel

Eibili Angel

Coral beauty Angel 

Black Nox Angel

Assorted Coral Colonies!

Freshwater Plants overflowing our tanks!