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New Shipment of Freshwater fish at FGD

New Shipment of Freshwater fish at FGD

Long fin tiger barb

XL Fire eel

Galaxy Rasbora

Rummynose tetra

Albino sevrum

Yellow lab

Bosemani rainbow

Gold barb

Panda cory

Neon tetra

Harlequin rasbora

Redtail shark

Rainbow shark

tiretrack eel

Lemon oscar

Red dragon discus

Clouded archer

Platinum angel

Sm Mixed peacock

blue dolphin

Neon yellow shrimp

Blue diamond shrimp

Sushi shrimp

Ghost crayfish

Royal clown knife

German blue balloon ram

Albino aurutus

Banded rainbow

Ember tetra

Lemon tetra

Albino julidochromis transcriptus

Albino tiger barb

Clown loach

Roseline shark

Julidochromis marlieri


Blackberry silver dollar

Strieped kuhlii loach