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New Saltwater Arrival at Fish Gallery Dallas

New Saltwater Arrival at Fish Gallery Dallas

Coral Beauty Angel

Horeface Blenny

Starry Blenny

Splendid Dottyback

Green Serosa Dottyback

Ruby Red Dragonette

Red Mandarin Goby

Ghost Eel

Orange Spot Filefish

Diamond Goby

Citron Goby

Flame Hawk

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

Stars and Stripes Puffer

Blue Spot Puffer


Atlantic Blue Tang

Clown Tang

Powder Blue Tang

Two spot Bristletooth Tang

Tomini Tang

Blue Throat Trigger (Male)

Longhorn cowfish

Orange Back Fairy Wrasse

Pinstripe Melanurus Wrasse (Male)

Radiant Wrasse

Carpenters Flasher Wrasse

Six Line Wrasse

Red Tip Hermit Crab

Dolabella Sea Hare

Astrea Snail

Cerith Snail

Nassarius Sanil

Sand Starfish

Blue Linckia Starfish

Red Brittle Starfish

Pincushin Urchin