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New Plant Order 11/18 at FG woodlands!

New Plant Order 11/18 at FG woodlands!

Dwarf Baby Tears
Hygro Angustifolia
Golden Lloydiella
Ludwigia Peruensis 
Green Myrio
Rotala Indica 
Amazon Sword Med. 
Compacta Amazon Sword Med.
Green Ozelot Sword Med.
Vesuvius Med.
Anubias Congensis Med.
Anubias Frazeri Med.
Anubias Nana Lrg. 
Italian Val.  
Italian Val. Bunch 
Madagascar Lace Bulb 
Cyperus Helferi
Java Fern 
Mondo Grass 
Moss Ball
Anubias Nana Petite Pot 
Dwarf Hairgrass Pot
Water Sprite Pot
Wisteria Pot
Amazon Sword Mother Pot