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New Livestock Arrivals at Addison 2-12-21

New Livestock Arrivals at Addison 2-12-21



Blood Parrot Geo Sveni Geo Surinamensis
Black Calvus Panda Corys Albino Corys
Sapphire Parrots Hap Ahli Mixed Angelfish
Crowntail Bettas    


Juvenile Blue Angelfish Shaggy Angler Ignitus Anthias
Squareback Anthias Pakistan Butterfly Copperband Butterfly
Banggaii Cardinal Green Mandarin Dragonete Jeweled Moray Eel
Bicolor Goatfish Yellow Watchman Goby Twinspot Signal Goby
Barred Soapfish Falco Hawkfish Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish
Desjardini Sailfin Tang Clown Tang Mimic Lemon Peel Tang
Mata Tang Powder Brown Tang Galapagos Sawtail Tang
Yellow Boxfish Blueside Fairy Wrasse Walindi Fairy Wrasse
Katherines Fairy Wrasse Redfin Fairy Wrasse Melanurus Wrasse
Ornate Leopard Wrasse Twinspot Wrasse Harlequin Shrimp


Green Cabomba Creeping Charlie Broadleaf Ludwigia
Mexican Oak Leaf Moneywort Rotala Magenta
Temple Plant Sagittaria Chilensis Madagascar Lace
Ulvaceus Java Fern Anubias on Driftwood
Fissidens Nobilis Mat Glossostigma Mat Christmas Moss
Java Moss Alternanther Tissue Culture Eleocharis Parvula Tissue Culture
Hygrohpila Pinnatifida Tissue Culture Rotala Bonsai Tissue Culture Amazon Sword
Anubias Coffeefolia Anubias Frazeri Anubias Nana
Mini Dwarf Hairgrass Hydrocotyle Japan Hygrophila Araguaia
Staurogyne Repens Watersprite