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New freshwater fish at Dallas

New freshwater fish at Dallas

Golden Mystery snail

Albino Socolofi



Red Zebra

Red Blotch Zebra

Blue Dolphin

Red Fin Borleyi

Ghost Shark

Albino Rainbow Shark

Redtail Black Shark

Rainbow Shark

Long Fin Albino Bushynose Pleco

Mixed Angel Fish

Pink Kissing Gourami

German Blue Ram

Gold Ram 

Black Ram

Red Bushynose Pleco

Lemon Blue Eye Bushynose Pleco

Blue Crawfish

New Guinea Rainbow Fish

Albino Paradise Gourami

Dwarf Mexican Orange Lobster

Red Gold Honey Gourami

Electric Blue Acara

Long Fin Gold Danio

Giant Danio

Pearl Danio

Cherry Shrimp

Electric Blue Shrimp

Peacock Gudgeon

Dwarf neon Rainbow Fish

Millineum Rainbow Fish

Threadfin Rainbow Fish

Madagascar Rainbow Fish

Turqoise Rainbow Fish

Neon Tetra

Common Pleco

Bushynose Pleco

Yellow Lab

Medium Demasoni