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New Arrivals Fish Gallery Houston 9-11-2020

Saltwater Fish

Orange Peel Angel

Majestic Angel Adult

Coral Beauty Angel

Lemon Peel Angel

Bicolor Anthias

Midas Blenny

Sailfin Algae Blenny

Starry Blenny

Pajama Cardinal

Sergeant Major Damsel

Green Chromis

Three Line Damsel

Bicolor Dottyback

purple Dottyback

Target Mandarin

Scooter Blenny

twinspot signal goby

Bella Goby

Golden Head Goby

Diamond Watchman Goby

Coral Hog

Red Diana Hogfish

Spanish Hogfish

Colored Volitan Lionfish

Arothron Dogface Puffer

Stars & Stripes Puffer

Valentini Puffer

Foxface Rabbitfish

One Spot Foxface Rabbitfish

Two Bar Rabbitfish

Orange SHoulder Tang

Atlantic Blue Tang

Tomini Tang

Naso Blonde Tang

Purple Tang

Humu Humu Trigger

Blue Throat Trigger

Blue Scaled Fairy wrasse

Fine Spotted Fairy Wrasse

Six Line wrasse

Clean up Crew!



Plants Inbound friday afternoon!

75 New Bettas! - all types from 6.99 to 24.99!

Fire eels 

Green Rasbora

Lemon Tetra


Albino Hecklii - Much bigger than normal!

Feeder Ghost Shrimp

Feeder Guppies