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New arrivals at Dallas!! 9-10-20

Freshwater                                 Plants

Sunshine Betta                             Narrow Leaf Anacharis

Dumbo Halfmoon Betta                 Green Cabomba

Koi Halfmoon Betta                       Creeping Charlie

Glo Tetra                                     Limnophila Hippuroides

Ember Tetra                                 Broadleaf Ludwigia

Orange Von Rio Tetra                   Ludwigia Peruensis

Serpae Tetra                                Rotala Indica

White Cloud                                 Rotala Wallichii

Silver Arowana                             Amazon Sword

Jardini Arowana                            Rosette Sword

Roseline Shark                             Crypt Spiralis

Female Betta                                Blyxia Japonica

Big Head Flower Horn                   Cyperus Helferi

Polleni Cichlid                              Dwarf Lily

Fire Eel (8-9 inches)                     Java Fern

Aligator Gar (small)                      Moss Balls

Congo Tetra                                 Red Tiger Lotus

White Spotted Shrimp                   Anubias Narrow Leaf Nana

Saltwater                                   Anubias Nancon on Driftwood

Coral Beauty Angel                       Anubias Nangi on Driftwood

Flame Angel                                 Monte Carlo

Majestic Angel                             Java Moss

Golden Midas Blenny                    Bucephalandra Brownie TC

Lawnmower Blenny                      Eleocharis Acicularis Mini TC

Starry Blenny                              Pogostemon Portion TC

Racoon Butterfly School                Staurogyne Repens TC

Pajama Cardinals                         Anubias Barteri

Green Mandarin Goby                  Anubias Nana

Matted Filefish                             Anubias Nana Petite

Mimic Filefish                               Crypt Parva

Bicolor Goatfish                            Crypt Bronze Wendtii

Flagtail Pinkbar Goby                    Crypt Green Wendtii

Yellow Watchman Goby                 Crypt Red Wendtii

Catalina Goby                               Mini Dwarf Hairgrass

Diamond Sleeper Goby                  Hydrocotyle Japan

Falco Hawkfish                              Water Sprite

Blue Dot Toby Puffer                      Wisteria   

One Spot Foxface                         Corals

Powder Blue Tang                        Green Bubbletip Anemone

Flame Fin Tomini Tang                 Indo-Corals are here!

Scopus Tang (small)                    Branching Hammers

Yellow Tang                                Orange Octo Frogspawn

Blue Jaw Trigger                          Nice Torches!

Yellow Coris Wrasse                     Neon Green Trachy's

Cleaner Wrasse                            Clove Polyps

Carpenter's Wrasse                      Long Tentacle Plate Corals

Sixline Wrasse                              Zoa Colonies

Arrow Crab                                  Mushroom Colonies

Scarlet Hermits                             Sun Corals

Margarita Snails                           Orange Sponges

Trochus Snails                              Gorgonians

Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp            Nepthia