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Fresh plants at Fish Gallery Dallas

Fresh plants at Fish Gallery Dallas


Green Cabomba

Creeping Charlie

Broad Leaf Ludwigia

Needle Leaf Ludwigia

Golden Nesaea

Rotala Indica

Java Fern

Moss Balls

Anubias Nancon on Driftwood

Anubias Nangi on Driftwood

Glossostigma on Mat

Christmas Moss Portion 

Java Moss Portion

Monosolenium Tenerum Portion

Alternanther T/C Cup

Eleocharis Aciclaris T/C Cup

Eriocaulon Polaris T/C Cup

Hygrophila Pinnatifida T/C Cup

Pogostemon Portion T/C Cup

Staurogyne Repens T/C Cup

Flame Moss T/C Cup

Spike Moss T/C Cup

Amazon Sword Potted

Anubias Nana Potted

Anubias Nana Narrow Leaf Potted

Anubias Nana Petite Potted

Dwarf Baby Tears Potted

Crypt. Undulata Potted

Giant Hair Grass Potted

Hygro. 'Compact' Potted

Micro Sword Potted

Micranthemum Monte Carlo Potted

Water Sprite Potted

Wisteria Potted