Why Taking Care of Nature is Our Duty, Not An Option

Why Taking Care of Nature is Our Duty, Not An Option

My involvement with aquariums now surpasses 4 decades. Add a little more to that and it encompasses my entire existence on this planet. Throughout this time I have always had a great appreciation for the natural world. Year over year, this appreciation grows. Whether it’s through how I live personally or through how we operate our business, taking care of the environment has become a priority. It’s clear to me that we only get one chance at taking care of Mother Earth and its inhabitants. For that reason, personally and as a company, we want to do our part.

Here is a list of a collaborative effort at Fish Gallery to make the world a better place:

  • Reclaiming water from the daily freshwater changes and using it to irrigate our landscape
  • Capturing rainwater to re-purpose for many uses like washing trucks, cleaning the facility 
  • Recycling at all locations 
  • Sourcing sustainable farm-raised livestock 
  • Encouraging our staff to participate in recycling and appreciate why we need to recycle and take care of our planet

I don't see a planet in peril, but I do see one that's on a collision course with a perilous destiny if we don’t act now. Operating our business sustainably and encouraging others to join us is a responsibility that we are not willing to overlook.


1000 lbs bales of outgoing cardboard 

Rainwater collection for outdoor-only water use (washing trucks, cleaning rocks)

In-ground cistern for collection of all freshwater coming from in-store aquariums - used for irrigation of landscaping 

Outgoing plastics and cans for recycling 

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