The Local Fish Store - LFS

The Local Fish Store - LFS

It almost seemed like a right of passage. That first visit to the local fish store. It was just round the corner from the house in your average strip center and was owned by a nice older man. The store was small and crowded and sometimes smelled really bad. They didn’t always have everything you needed but you went in there frequently just on the off chance they may have started carrying the item you were looking for. Sadly that store is no longer there and many just like it have disappeared.

What is to blame for the disappearance of the local fish store? Online shopping for sure. Why go to the store when you can have it on your doorstep in 48 hours. The increasing costs of real estate played a role as well. With rents continuing to climb in a business that is already low margin, many LFS owners could not afford to keep the doors open. Up next is probably the big box store. Petco and Petsmart. They are able to carry a much wider selection of product and are just as convenient as the LFS. They are also able to offer better pricing on like merchandise. Last but certainly not least, we live in a digital world and everything is moving a lot faster. Attention spans have been shortened and people have less time. Every store, company, or organization that is currently in business has been able to effectively compete for consumer time.

Adapt or die. With the challenges provided by e-commerce, rising costs and shrinking margins changes had to be made to insure survival. Fish Gallery made the decision to diversify its goods and services. In order to survive as a retail establishment today, it is now imperative to provide customers with both a white glove retail service and an entertainment experience. In essence, we have turned Fish Gallery into a destination. Whether it is the 4500 gallon showcase aquarium or feeding the fly river turtle. We have created a clean comfortable environment the community wants to be a part of. With the addition of a full weekly schedule of birthday parties we have not only added a new revenue stream but are creating the next generation of hobbyists. That is what it takes to get people to pull into the parking lot today. 

Fish Gallery continues to operate as a full service local fish store. We stock just about everything you can think of with a vast selection of products for both the beginner and the experienced hobbyist. Think local fish store on steroids. We also design, manufacture, install and service custom aquariums.

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