Set for Success

Set for Success

In today’s world we have so many things going on, so many distractions, so many tasks we need to complete on a daily basis. How do you find time to do all this and take proper care of your fish tank? The answer lies in finding the setup that best fits you and your lifestyle. Is that a small nano tank of community fish that sits on the kitchen counter? Is it a 200 gallon complex saltwater setup? Focusing on the amount of time you are willing to devote to your tank and making your selections accordingly will help you to be successful.

At Fish Gallery, our focus is your success. We want you to make informed choices so that you can be successful with your tank. Are you a busy professional who travels frequently for work with no one else at home to help maintain the tank? Maybe that complex saltwater tank is not the best setup if your aim is a thriving reef tank with a plethora of marine life. Maybe a freshwater system that requires less maintenance and less upkeep is the answer for you. Are you a parent with a child who wants a fish? Maybe you are seriously entertaining the thought that your 5 or 6 year old child might actually be responsible enough for another living thing. Now might not be the best time to start with the saltwater tank you want and your spouse keeps rejecting. Last thing you want is that significant other coming back with an “I told you so”. Maybe start your child with a Betta or even a Goldfish. Goldfish are practically impossible to kill and you can start both Bettas and Goldfish in a smaller tank or footprint.

When you visit one of our locations our extremely knowledgeable salespeople may ask a few more questions than you are comfortable with. It is not because we are nosey and intrusive. We are trying to make sure your lifestyle fits your tank purchase so that you can be successful.

Again the focus should always be on success. If you are not successful with your fish I can promise you it won’t be fun either. How many people end up staying in hobby that isn’t providing some sort of fun or satisfaction? That number is zero.

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