Schools of Fish - Best Aquariums For Your Dorm Room

Schools of Fish - Best Aquariums For Your Dorm Room

The new school year is just getting started, and we're all excited to start hitting the books again...right? Your dorm room (or bedroom at home) can get a little cramped with all the ~materials~ you should be studying, but don't forget to include a little corner for relaxation! An aquarium is an easy addition to a desk or dresser to personalize your space.

A betta fish is an easy first choice, especially if you are new to fishkeeping, or expect to be "at the library" for a majority of your time. Betta fish are very easy to care for, and don't require a lot of expensive equipment to have a happy and healthy life.

Red Veiltail betta

Betta tanks are usually small and easily fit on a desktop. While popular, we don't generally recommend vases as permanent homes for these fish as they lack proper stimulation and space for the fish to swim. Here are our favorites:

Marina Cubus with Azoo 150 Mignon Filter - under $50
This half gallon glass cube includes an LED light and a cover for a price that fits any budget. We prefer to add an Azoo Mignon 150 filter to keep the water nice and clean. Because it is glass, it will resist scratching like most small plastic betta aquariums.
Marina Cubus

Marineland Contour 3 - under $100
Simplify with an all-in-one system! Three gallon volume with integrated filtration, an LED light and easy to clean glass make this a perfect home for a betta or a small group of community of microfish. You can even keep live plants and shrimp.
Marineland Contour

Community Fish
Tetras, corys, shrimp, and other community or microfish can make a beautiful display without needing a ton of space. Always choose a tank with a filter for these species who may be more sensitive to water quality.

Elive Aquaduo 3 - under $125
The unique half cylinder shape paired with the planter filter of the Aquaduo 3 land it as one of our top picks for desktop aquarium right now. It also includes an energy efficient LED light to assist in late night studying without disturbing your roommate.
Elive Aquaduo 3

Fluval Edge 6 gallon - under $200
For the more modern/contemporary student - the six gallon Edge aquarium is high on design but small on space.
Fluval Edge

Saltwater Nanos
Put your biology and chemistry lessons to work with a nano reef! These require the most attention so consider carefully if you aren't in the market for weekly maintenance. Also a recipe for a lifelong addiction to saltwater reefing. 10/10 would reef again.

Fluval Evo 5 gallon - under $100
Also in a freshwater version (Fluval Spec V), this 5 gallon Evo is our top all-around pick for a dorm. Includes integrated filtration, a bright LED, and a sleek design. At less than $100, it's a winner for every budget.
Fluval Evo V

Mr. Aqua glass tanks - various sizes, starting at $35
These tanks come stand alone for the DIY enthusiast. Combine with your favorite equipment to create a one-of-a-kind reef!
MR Aqua

Handy accessories
Some additional recommendations to make your life easier. At least when it comes to your aquarium.

Tool hanger
Organization is key! Know where all of your aquarium tools are with this maintenance holder.
Maintenance Holder

Nano-Mag Magnet
Bulky magnet cleaners can be difficult to use in small tanks and take away from the look of the aquarium when not in use. Two Little Fishies came to the rescue with this specially designed and aptly named Nano-Mag. The scrub pad is only 1"x1" to accommodate the smallest of areas.

All of these items are available at your nearest Fish Gallery location. Get 10% off in store with your valid student ID through September 30th!


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