Freshwater vs. Saltwater....Which is right for you?

Freshwater vs. Saltwater....Which is right for you?

So you want to buy a fish tank. My first question as your salesperson is do you want freshwater or saltwater? Most likely your answer is going to be saltwater. I can stop working right there and sell you what you want, or I can ask questions that determine whether saltwater or freshwater is the best match to your situation or lifestyle. From there I can make a presumption about whether you will be successful with it. Based on our philosophy at Fish Gallery it is my responsibility to make sure you and your tank are set up for success.

What happens if you are not successful with your tank? The answer most likely includes you throwing away everything you just bought and telling 5-10 people what a miserable time you had with your new hobby. By not making sure you will be successful, the community as whole gets smaller. Instead of creating a customer we have most likely alienated someone from the hobby along with five of their closest friends. This is bad for business, both for Fish Gallery and our peers and competitors.

As a beginner in the hobby you will make mistakes. These mistakes will most likely lead to some dead fish along the way. Freshwater is a little more forgiving than Saltwater. As a general rule, freshwater fish are much hardier. You can make small mistakes with the water chemistry in your freshwater aquarium and get away with it. Whereas, a small mistake in a saltwater aquarium can be lethal due to the narrow tolerance of water conditions that saltwater fish need.

Sounds like I am trying to sell you on freshwater. That is not the case. Just trying to make sure you make an informed choice so that you can successful. If you have the time to check your chemical levels on a daily basis and truly enjoy working with your tank then you can most likely be successful in saltwater from day one. If you want kick back, relax, listen to some bubbles and watch some fish while holding your beverage of choice then might want to consider a freshwater tank. Either way you decide to go, our knowledgeable staff at Fish Gallery are here to help you be successful with your tank.

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