"Fish Gotta Have Something To Do"

"Fish Gotta Have Something To Do"

In a recent conversation with Dustin of Dustin’s Fish Tanks he mentioned “fish gotta have something to do”. A super simple statement yet just as genius in its simplicity as well. A recent tank inspiration Fish Gallery introduced at Aquashella Dallas was the catalyst for the conversation. The tank received an abundance of accolades and attention during the trade show and beyond. The conversation started trying to understand the reason for the overwhelming response to such a simple design.

Certain kinds of fish have behaviors that are specific to their species. Creating a tank environment that is conducive to the natural behavior of the species will make your tank much more successful than any high priced fish or expensive aquascape.

Whether it is a bunch of Neon tetras endlessly schooling because it easy for them, Cichlids going in and out of a cave structure in the tank, Tangs scavenging for algae, or Frontosas defending large amounts of territory as a colony. These natural behaviors should not be ignored.

The tank that sparked the conversation consisted of Driftwood Rock, 6 plastic plants, a large piece of Pacific wood, 600 Tetras and 50 Gold Rams in a 175 gallon rimless acrylic cylinder.

The design of the tank should feed the natural behaviors of the fish. That is a better outcome for your tank than any aquascape or single fish. Thank you Dustin for the sound yet simple advice.

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