Dennerle Plant Aquascaping Workshop

Dennerle Plant Aquascaping Workshop

Have you ever wanted to keep a freshwater planted aquarium? Fish Gallery and Dennerle are teaming up this summer to bring you a free plant care and aquascaping workshop in our Houston showroom.

Plants provide much more than just decoration to your aquarium. They act as an ecological counterbalance to the other inhabitants. Plants produce vital oxygen, reduce stress by acting as a safe hiding place, remove contaminants, and outcompete algae by using excess nutrients. They are a crucial key to a perfectly functioning aquarium and only with plants does an aquarium become a living ecosystem.



Dennerle's portfolio comprises well-conceived systems for effectively functioning small-scale eco-systems: Aquatic plants, plant care products, aquarium and pond accessories. The key idea behind Dennerle’s product development operations is to create sustainable solution systems geared to establishing the right biological balance. This approach gives rise to a continual output of trail-blazing innovative products.  The company’s development team, internal research department and in-house aquatic plant breeding operations provide a crucial competitive edge here.

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Workshop Date – July 30
th – 12 to 4pm in our Houston Store
Topics to be covered
  • How to set up a freshwater planted aquarium
  • 4 Key basic steps to understand  - Dennerle’s Philosophy
  • What plants are right for you.
  • How to keep a freshwater planted aquarium
Free Gift for first 50 registered. 
Dennerle Rebate Coupon to use at Fish Gallery
Lunch/Refreshments provided by JBJ

See you there!

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