Our Houston showroom is like no other show room you’ve ever seen before! It features a variety of large, small and unique designs illustrating both a variety of aquatic environments found in nature, as well as some custom design ideas to excite your imagination for your own aquarium. Our fish room has African Cichlids, Freshwater Tropical Fish and Plants, Saltwater Fish, Coral Reef Aquariums and latest dry good and filtration products. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help answer all of your aquarium questions. Welcome to the Fish Gallery!  


(Last Updated on Fri, Feb 27)

New Fish Arrivals


Dalmation Molly
Blue Mickey Mouse Platy
Blue Coral Platy
Marigold Tux Platy
Vanilla Bean Platy
Brick Sword
Green Sword
Giant Danio
White Cloud
Mixed Snail
Rosy Barb
Green Tiger Barb
Diamond Tetra
HY511 Tetra
Neon Tetra
Balzoni Cichlid
Geo. brasiliensis
Dwarf Red Jewel
Salvini Cichlid
Bushy Nose Pleco
LF Albino Bushy Nose Pleco
Dwarf Gourami
Leeri Gourami
Moonlight Gourami
Red Paradise
Ornate Rainbow
Panda Garra
Clown Loach
Hi Fin Loach
Boesemani Rainbow


****$5-12 Assorted Clownfish from Sustainable Aquatics****
Bangaii Cardinal
Squammipinnis Anthias male and female
Dispar Anthias female
Black Ray Goby
Blue Gudgeon
Green Matter Filefish
Lawnmower Blenny
Ember Blenny
Harlequin Sweetlips
Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish
Longnose Hawkfish
Pearlscale Butterfly
Yellow Longnose Butterfly
Copperband Butterfly
Diadema Pseudochromis
Bicolor Pseudochromis
Juvenile Blue Face Angel
Juvenile Majestic Angel
Coral Beauty Angel
Keyhole Angel
Brown Heniochus
Bali Foxface Rabbitfish
Yellow Rabbitfish
Multibanded Pipefish
Blue Spot Toby
Valentini Toby
Chalk Basslet
Christmas Wrasse
Dragon Wrasse
Exquisite Faery Wrasse
Teminiki Faery Wrasse
Yellow Tail Tamarin Wrasse
Purple Reef Lobster
Lettuce Nudibranch
Blue Dot Sea Hare

Lots of corals!

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